FAQ's for current parents

Alliance Academy FAQ’s

Curriculum questions:

Where are the tests?

All online curriculums have assessments built in. For textbooks the tests and answer keys are as follows:

Saxon Language Arts and Math: tests and answer keys are in the book

Shurley English: tests and answer keys are in the book

All About Reading/All About Spelling: since these are mastery programs and students do not proceed until they have mastered each concept we keep track of progress on the progress maps included in the curriculum. Your teacher may also ask your student to demonstrate their mastery during a home visit.

Math U See:tests and answer keys are in the book (a separate test booklet is included)

MyWorld Social Studies: tests and answer keys are in the google drive

US History: tests and answer keys are in the google drive

Interactive Science: tests and answer keys are in the google drive

Oregon History: assessment will be answering the first 3 questions in each question set of each chapter.

How much do I need to do every day/week/month? This may vary depending on when you enroll with us but the expectation is for every student to make one year of progress (or more if they are behind or if they want to get ahead) each school year. Our general rule is to look at how much there is to do in each curriculum and divide that into how much time (days/weeks/months) is left in the school year to figure out how much needs to be done. Please consult with your assigned teacher to set goals for the school year as a team.
What percentage does the student need in order to “pass” a class and why?

We grade on proficiency. A student is considered proficient if they know at least 75% of the content so 75% is the minimum passing score for all assessments. Most students in Alliance do far better than this due to the one-on-one instruction they receive.

How are grades calculated on Moby Max?

Students earn one point for every question answered correctly and 1/4 point for every question they correct using the feedback page. If students do not correct their incorrect answers using the feedback page, they receive no points.
For example, in a lesson topic with five questions, a student answers three questions correctly and enters in the correct answer on the feedback page for two missed problems. This results in a total of three and a half points out of a total of five, for a final score of 70%.
If a student earns 0% on lesson topics, encourage him or her to enter in feedback for partial credit. This will help the student learn skills he or she finds challenging.

Semester grades are based on an average of scores earned in each subject in MobyMax.

Reimbursement questions:

How much money is allocated per student/per month?

$84 per full time student/per month. We reimburse for receipts received in full (up to the amount allotted) unless the student/family has already used all or part of their monthly allotment. Then we would pay as much as we can and pay the balance the following month. For example: if a receipt is submitted for $100 in September we would pay $84 in September and $16 in October. Any balance is rolled over if they don't use it.

When are internet expenses reimbursed?

Internet costs are reimbursed quarterly. 1st quarter is Sept/Oct/Nov and paid in November, 2nd quarter is Dec/Jan/Feb and paid in February and 3rd quarter is Mar/Apr/May and paid in May.

What do I send in for reimbursement?

Please provide the receipt that you were given when you paid for the item or service. For internet reimbursements we need a complete copy of your bill showing what portion is just for internet (most bills are bundled so we need to know what the internet portion is without phone, cable etc.)

Where/how do I send it?

You can give it to your assigned teacher or email it to talbotts@ycschools.org

What can I get reimbursed for?

Eligible reimbursement items and activities should be educational in nature. Sports are eligible as are trips to museums (only the enrolled student portion will be reimbursed). If you have a question please call Suzanne and make sure it’s eligible before you incur an expense.