Stipend Guidelines

The YC Alliance Academy provides a stipend each year in the amount of $500 per semester, for each full time student. This stipend will assist with supplementary educational experiences and extracurricular activities.

The stipend will be paid quarterly in the 2020-21 school year, by the end of each month listed:

First payment in October

Second payment in January

Third payment in April

Fourth payment in June

The stipend is provided by the Yamhill Carlton School District to enrich my student’s educational experience and will be used for activities, supplements, supplies and online connectivity. If a student enrolls after the beginning of the school year or withdraws before the end of the school year these payments will be pro-rated.

Some examples of the intended use of these funds are:

  • Fees for sports and clubs (soccer, baseball, football, basketball, etc.).
  • Fees for physical activities (horseback riding lessons, martial arts lessons, etc.).
  • Fees for enrichment lessons (art, music, theater, etc.).
  • Museum, zoo or park entry fees.
  • To purchase supplemental materials and supplies needed by my student.
  • To pay for online connectivity that my student will use to complete their core courses.