Frequently Asked Questions for New Families
Why should I choose the Alliance Academy over other online schools?

As your local, online school, the Yamhill-Carlton Alliance Academy offers you the best of two education worlds. We are both a virtual learning community where you can learn, any time of day, anywhere you want to be and we offer real-time, real world resources.  Not only do we have the advantage of technology, we offer a personal approach with support and additional resources as needed. We also schedule regular field trips, in-person seminars, and a variety of opportunities to interact with other Academy students who share like interests. The Alliance Academy isn't just any online school; it's an education built for you.

How much does Alliance Academy cost, and what support do students get?

The academy is free. In addition, full-time students may check-out a laptop to use for their classes. We also provide resources and support to parent/teachers and their students. All families are assigned a mentor teacher who will help them schedule their courses and will hold individual mentoring meetings with students and their parent/teacher.

Take an active role in your child's education!

Yamhill-Carlton invites you to be a full participant in your child's education.  Our hybrid approach puts parents and students in charge of learning,