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Superintendent's Update from 9/11/2020


Greetings Yamhill-Carlton School Community

Again, I hope this message finds you, your friends, and your families safe and well. We know that as the fires in Oregon continue, the effects are far reaching and impact us all in many ways. We are grateful to all serving as first responders, and on our emergency management teams throughout the state. It is fitting that we share our appreciation for them on this National Day of Service and Remembrance as we pay tribute to individuals lost and injured in the September 11th attacks.

Thanks again for doing all you can to stay connected to school. I have been inspired by the efforts of teachers, students, and families to make this a wonderful beginning to our school year despite the challenges. You have shown an amazing spirit!

I thank you for your patience and grace once again today as smoky conditions are causing us to shift some of our work spaces which can impact our connectivity. Thank you for staying with us and again please don’t worry if there are difficulties with connections as we work through this together. We will be providing meal service. Please check our website or call school if you need information about meals. Please stay safe and limit your outdoor activity as we wait for our air quality to improve. We know your schools have been in touch with you with changes to schedules and/or events and please contact your school or the district if you or others have needs we can address. We will continue to share updates if/as conditions change.

Please take care, be safe, and take care of each other,

With Appreciation,

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