Ready Schools, Safe Learners 2020-2021


Last updated on 6/16/20

Late last week, Oregon Department of Education released their plan for the next year. There are a great deal of requirements to work through and plans to create. Keep in mind, this guideline is full of both “recommendations” and requirements. YC will determine which recommendations to adopt and which ones to omit from our blueprint/Learning Model Plan (which is due August 15). Please read the Ready Schools, Safe Learners guideline for details (linked below).

The YC School District met last week and agreed on a general timeline for development:
- We hope to have a rough plan put together by Friday, June 19th, to be shared among YC staff only at that time.
- The week of June 22nd, we will publish the rough plan and do some listening sessions with staff members to refine the plan. We will be looking for staff volunteers.
- The week of June 29th, we will invite parents to comment on the proposed Learning Model Plan and accompanying rough plans around Public Health Protocols and Facility and School Operations.
- The week of July 6th, we will finalize the Learning Model Plan and begin to flesh out the other 7 components of the plan.
- The board will receive the final plan at the August 13th board meeting. It will then be shared and made public/official.
- Staff training to implement the plan will begin August 17th.

It is clear that this fall we will all be operating in an unfamiliar environment that will require us to be flexible. But despite that, I am confident that our staff will rise to the occasion and continue to serve our students well in these new conditions.